Yámana Science and Technology

We feel the current culture of science creates an invisible cost in loss of productivity, slower rates of discovery, and ‘wasting assets,’ including human capital.

We are committed to having enough conversations with the people that can make a difference, including (and perhaps especially) within our own scientific communities.

We will transform what is possible both for people who are currently working in the field of science and for those that are interested in studying to become scientists.

We will impact the experience of learning science, the experience of teaching science and the experience of doing science.

We include conversations across the whole gamut of what affects desired outcomes, from salaries, to healthcare, to personal leave, to the work environment, to the conversations being had about science, to how science is funded, commercialized, and shared.

By acting as a clearinghouse for issues and concerns, as well as a catalyst for potential solutions, we are connecting the passionate voices in science with one another to create a shared vision for the future.

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