The Third Space
~It's not home, it's not work, it's the place where we gather together to 'create'

Third Space Events – Overview:

Dr. Kennan Salinero, and her cohort at Yamana Science and Technology, believe science is at a critical juncture – for the future of science, for scientists themselves (especially those still developing their career path), and for society. We have launched the Third Space interactive dialogs to explore the future of science. This interactive workshop will allow you to find out about trends within the current systems of science as well as external developments that can impact science. You will have the opportunity to share your personal thoughts during the interactive dialogue portion of this presentation. The ideas and themes discovered during this event are part of a larger nation-wide series. We will be giving presentations at institutions in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and California this winter – please contact us if you are interested in having a presentation at your institution. It is also an opportunity to learn how to host a Third Space event at your own institution, with coaching and training from Yámana Science and Technology.


August 1st, 2012 “A Discussion on The Future of Science and Technology”
Livermore Public Library

7:00 pm - Community Room

November 15, 2011 “The Future of Science…What Does It Mean For You?”
University of California, Berkeley

6:15pm - 106 Stanley Hall

 October 21, 2011 "The Future of Science…Building Your Own Path"
University of California, San Francisco
12:30PM - Mission Bay Campus

Innovation - A Global Conversation

Science 'UnSummit' 2012

Innovation – A Global Conversation – is a working conference to convene scientists, the tech sector, and the public to explore the leading edge of innovation 

Location: The Artisphere, Arlington Virginia 
Dates: April 23 -25th, 2012


Tuesday April 24th, 2012

Official Welcome                     8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.

Panels                                 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Three Interactive Panels to Start

  • Collaboration – what does it take?
  • Innovators in Education
  • Science – Society, Design, Communication

Lunch                                         12:00 – 1:30 p.m.

Open Space                                  1:30 – 4:45 p.m.

Open Space Session 1 & 2

Wrap-up                               4:45 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Wednesday April 25th, 2012

Check-in and Open Space             8:30 a.m. – 12:00

Open Space Session 3 & 4

Lunch                                         12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Open Space Final Session               1:00 – 4:00 p.m.

LEARN… about new developments and emerging trends that are currently driving major systems changes, going beyond competition and into truly collaborative space – even amongst former competitors.  Find out why the Council on Competitiveness is embracing collaboration….with other countries.  And why the design community is creating a powerful partnership with science.

EXPLORE… how cross-functional teams, communication, and open leadership can inform the science of innovation, and support innovation at the forefront of science and technology.

ENGAGE… in dynamic panel discussions and Open Space conversations with peers – scientists, thought-leaders and innovators – as we unleash our individual and collective leadership to develop new ideas and nurture current successes on the innovation frontier.

JOIN US for this unique collaborative event for people with a passion for science and technology – maybe you!

You will join a diverse group of educators, policy makers, graduate students, business people, entrepreneurs, and scientists who care deeply about the future of science and technology.  The format is structured for all participants to create an agenda together, such that all issues you care about can be put forth and discussed, as emergent themes are chosen by the community.

We have seen a great deal of anecdotal evidence indicating stakeholders and institutions are searching for a fundamental change in our approach to innovation and the systems of science.  Yámana Science and Technology is inviting pioneers to bridge this divide by participating in our landmark event, the Science ‘UnSummit’ 2012.
Bulletin Board poster UnSummit 2012 - PDF version
Description of Science 'UnSummit' 2012 Topic Areas
Join the Science 'UnSummit' Community!
New! TECHNOLOGY MEETS SCIENCE WORKSHOP - optional workshop on improved collaboration, human relationships, and productivity

This year we are collaborating with two leading workshop providers to offer an all-day workshop on Monday April 23rd.  Technology Meets Science - improved collaboration, human relationships, and productivity - is designed to share practices for increased productivity and innovation that can be applied across an entire organization—any kind of organization.  This workshop is based on the values and principles that underpin the Agile movement, currently embraced by much of the IT industry to improve collaboration and productivity through the lens of human relationship.

Through these tools, providing new ways of interacting and thinking, we seek to provide an accelerator for innovation.  Participation from both basic science and business sectors will support collaboration at all stages of the innovation front – from recruitment to pipeline development to working together in innovative ways.

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USA Science & Engineering Festival 
Will You Be There When Science Takes Over The Nation's Capital?

Festival Dates: April 26 - 29th, 2012
Finale Expo and Book Fair:  Walter E. Washington Convention Center April 28th & 29th,
Washington DC

The 2nd USA Science & Engineering Festival will be a celebration of science at our Nation's Capitol - with the mission of re-invigorating the interest of our nation’s youth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) by producing and presenting the most compelling, exciting, educational and entertaining science gatherings in the United States. 

Yámana Science and Technology is part of the USA Science & Engineering Festival.  We are the touchstone for critical conversations regarding how we 'Do' science, so those youth who are inspired to join the ranks of scientists and engineers have a thriving, creative, and highly effective career in their future.

Science 'UnSummit' 2010 Opening Remarks from Kennan Salinero on Vimeo.


YOU can support the dissementation of the information shared at this event! We need funds to cover the videography and editing for the first Science "UnSummit" 2010.
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Shifting the Effort/Reward Ratio in Science

Science "UnSummit" 2010

Applying Organizational Change Strategies from other Sectors and Industries
To Invent a New Path for How We DO Science

Location: Washington, DC
Dates: October 23 -25th, 2010

The Science "UnSummit" 2010 conference brought together diverse sectors - scientists, change-agents, policy makers and the next generation of scientists. We had representatives of organizations who have successfully introduced organizational, systems-based change to their work. The fact that many other industries and fields have not just talked about change, but have made the change, argues that science need not remain the way it is today.

Our hands-on event began with a three-panel discussion series that outlined the current situation in science, presented successfully implemented solution-oriented strategies in other fields, and introduced new possibilities that presented alternative ways of engaging the scientific community.

Portions of this meeting were facilitated in the highly interactive Open Space format. We created a space of openness with a “sleeves-up” approach where everyone was an equal participant.

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