Yámana Science and Technology began in 2005 as a proposed project for looking at differing outcomes for men and women in the graduate programs at the University of California.  The founder, Kennan Salinero, was soon invited to sit in on meetings with Mary Ann Mason’s team at the University of California, Berkeley.  Exposure to their seminal work on work/life balance in academic science, supported by the Sloan Foundation, moved us forward into looking at outcomes, knowing the studies were already being conducted by very capable hands indeed.

A happy coincidence resulted in connecting to the late William Sonneschein at Haas School of Business, during the 2007 “Innovation through Diversity” Conference.   This led to a wide realm of inputs on workplace organizational structures and change-agents, and exposed us to examples of groups that excel in their productivity, inventiveness, and ability to collaborate.  Another happy development had a neighbor gift the book “Lifting the Veil: the Feminine Face of Science” to Kennan, and the author, Linda Jean Shepherd, was soon part of the visionary team developing this work.

About our name ...

Proximity to Silicon Valley, and its long history of innovation through attention to the human side of the equation via coaching and organizational development, has further led us to envision a new approach to change in the basic sciences.

Yámana Science and Technology has taken the stance of looking at the underlying culture of science, and connecting various groups both within and outside of science to create a sense of what’s possible, using real-world examples of what works.

This past year was a very busy year of meetings and presentations, forwarding our goal of bringing together change-agents for basic science research in this country.

We traveled the country to meet with people on the emerging fronts of change, including Richard Freeman (Harvard University), Uri Alon (the Weizmann Institute, currently at Harvard University), Saso Kocevar  (hfp-consulting, Germany), Cerin Lundgren-Savage (Science advisor, Senator Boxer’s office), the National Science Foundation (various individuals), Michael Gerber (of the E-myth and the Dreaming Room), Tobias Mayer (Scrum Alliance), Michael Broom (“The Infinite Organization: Celebrating the Positive Use of Power in Organizations”), Pat Hutchings and Chris Golde (the Carnegie Foundation), Michael Teitelbaum (the Sloan Foundation), Marc Goulden and Mary Ann Mason (UCBerkeley), Catherine Lee (New Work Places), Cathee Phillips-Johnson (National Postdoctoral Association) and dozens of others.  

We are engaged in discussions with leading change-agents, with considerable help from leaders in social change and thought such as Patricia Dragovic (Cisco), Ric Weibl (AAAS), Francis Cholle (Intuitive Intelligence), and Carla Hannaford (mind/body balance). 

We invite you to join us on this journey into the future.

Meet some of our team:

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